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Climate One-Liner


Big Picture

Supply chains of consumer goods companies are responsible for over 80% of their full carbon footprint, and supply-chain decarbonization will be a “game changer” for the impact of corporate climate action. Technologies, data analytics and decision making tools are required to achieve energy efficiency and waste minimization as well as transparency and agility with regard to emissions, climate risk and land degradation across the entire supply chain operation.

Climate Impact

Wiliot’s battery-free postage-stamp sized computers bring the power of the internet to every single thing. Wiliot transitions supply chains to “demand chains”, transforming the way products are made, distributed, sold, used, reused, and ultimately, recycled by enabling a new level of product visibility in the wholesale channel, cutting the capital tied up in inventories and reducing the existential problem of waste and loss and slashing carbon emissions.

Climate Challenges

Transparent & Agile Supply Chains

Funding Stage:


First Paying Customer to Multiple Customers

Product Stage:

Connect & Request Climate Data

* Information on the climate impact of the startup's technology

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