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The Digital Space

Digital platforms that support climate reporting and risk assessment, offer digital financial instruments and mechanisms for climate action as well as digital infrastructure solutions that reduce the resource consumption of digital services and infrastructure.


Sustainable Digital Infrastructure

Software- and hardware-based approaches and designs that reduce the resource consumption (energy, water and materials) of the digital services industry and reduce the industry’s growing electricity demand and carbon footprint. Relates, amongst others, to fiber networks, data centers, server and processing equipment, IoT devices and software applications.

  • Hardware and software solutions for energy-efficient computation

  • Power management and system efficiency in data acquisition, transfer and storage

  • Reduced energy consumption of communication infrastructures and networks

  • Decarbonizing data centers and data storage 

  • Reuse and recycling of Critical Raw Materials and hardware components


Carbon Management, Risk & Finance

Digital platforms that support climate actions by individuals, communities, organizations and financial institutions, provide metrics for climate risk assessment and offer digital financial instruments and mechanisms to advance climate action and enhance resilience.


  • Evaluation, management and reporting of footprint, offsets & impact

  • Climate intelligence for resilience and risk management

  • Climate positive investment platforms and financial products

  • Climate action planning and behavioral change

nature - Copy.jpg
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