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Climate One-Liner


Big Picture

Dairy production is a large source of global GHG emissions, with dairy cheese being one of the largest GHG generators behind beef and lamb, placing it ahead of other protein sources such as pork, chicken and eggs. The sectors total emissions have increased over the last years due to substantial growth in milk production following increased consumer demand.

Climate Impact

Remilk is on a mission to transform the dairy industry, developing real dairy products using a microbial fermentation process with no animals involved. Remilk has the same flavor, texture and nutritional values taste and proteins as traditional milk but with no hormones, cholesterol, lactose or antibiotics and without the climate impact of dairy herds. A high volume fermentation facility, the largest of its kind, is being established in the industrial symbiosis park at Kalundborg Denmark, and is anticipated to replace 50,000 cows every year.

Climate Challenges

Alternative Proteins

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