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Climate One-Liner


Big Picture

Low-carbon hydrogen is destined to be a key component of clean energy systems; fueling industrial thermal processes, enabling chemical storage of solar and wind energies, and fueling long-distance land and air transportation. A key barrier for low-carbon hydrogen is the cost gap compared to hydrogen from fossil fuels, the source of 98% of current global hydrogen production.

Climate Impact

H2Pro is developing and scaling a revolutionary two-step safe technology for water electrolysis called E-TAC for production of low carbon-green hydrogen. E-TAC has an exceptional, 95%, system efficiency and is cost-competitive with fossil-fuel hydrogen, with costs anticipated at $1/kg hydrogen at scale in the second half of this decade.

Climate Challenges

Clean Energy Systems

Funding Stage:


Pilot to First Paying Customer

Product Stage:

Connect & Request Climate Data

* Information on the climate impact of the startup's technology

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