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Climate One-Liner


Big Picture

Electrochemical generation of power through fuel cells is an effective pathway for decarbonization of transport, energy and manufacturing. Fuel Cell power solutions are also a means for storage of excess renewable energy from intermittent renewable energy sources and enable low carbon power independent of the prevailing conditions of the wind or the sun.

Climate Impact

GenCell develops unique alkaline fuel cell solutions that offer clean power for humanity. The fuel cells are platinum free, with reduced quantity of noble metals and are compatible with both hydrogen and ammonia as the energy carrier. Gencell’s fuel cells provide primary power solutions 24/7 for industrial processes and EV transportation as well as backup and off grid solutions for telecom, homeland security, healthcare, utilities and other mission-critical applications during power outages or natural disaster events.

Climate Challenges

Clean Energy Systems
Sustainable Mobility & Transport

Funding Stage:


First Paying Customer to Multiple Customers

Product Stage:

Connect & Request Climate Data

* Information on the climate impact of the startup's technology

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