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Fighting Treetop Fire

Fighting Treetop Fire

Climate One-Liner

Decreasing wildfires size with Fighting Treetop Fire’s AI driven technology, will lead to reducing GHG emissions and minimizes carbon storage loss, that will help to mitigate climate change.


Fighting Treetop Fire (FTF) is a new AI driven laser technology to fight wildfires that are uncontrollable in windy conditions with today's firefighting tools. World climate changes predict increasing uncontrollable dangerous wildfires. Decreasing wildfires leads to reducing GHG emissions. In addition, fire containment decreases CO2/carbon sink loss and carbon storage loss while saving trees. All this will help to mitigate climate change and reduce economic loss and deaths. Fighting Treetop Fire secured issued patents including the USA, Europe & Australia.

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Climate Impact

Climate Challenges

Forests & Land Ecosystems
Extreme Weather Events

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