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Aleph Farms

Aleph Farms

Climate One-Liner


Big Picture

Meat produced by current industry standards is the world’s most greenhouse gas-intensive foods, as well as creating a cascade of additional environmental issues, such as soil degradation and loss of biodiversity. Population growth and rising incomes in developing countries has led to an increase in red meat consumption, and innovation is needed in development of alternative protein sources that can replicate the structure of a meat cut.

Climate Impact

Aleph Farms is a forerunner in production of whole cuts cultivated meat using cellular agriculture. Pilot production of cultivated steaks grown from non-genetically engineered cells, isolated from a living cow, is ongoing and Aleph Farms’ technological platform is being expanded for additional cell-cultured products to replace other livestock types. Independent analysis has shown that cultivated meat can significantly cut down the environmental footprint of meat production on the planet, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 92%, land use by 95%, and water use by 78% compared to intensive livestock farming.

Climate Challenges

Alternative Proteins

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