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Climate One-Liner

AKOLogic Agricultural Software House provides solutions for farm management, cooperatives and even food chains. Our specialty is in food safety and the ability to control the growth processes including regulation, "Farm to fork".


AKOLogic helps agriculture organizations to address the world's most pressing ESG and sustainability issues. They help agriculture organizations who want to do better and be more responsible, to realize the commercial benefits of ESG and make data-driven decisions to mitigate risk. Using the AKOLogic platform allows to follow the supply chain in real-time and have propelled various global agencies and countries, to safeguard the health and welfare of the people by monitoring the food quality standards.
AKOLogic was chosen by Microsoft to be the management infrastructure of “Agritech” Sustainability Solution for Carbon offsets.
Microsoft launched its Cloud for Sustainability offering, which is designed to help companies take control of their environmental initiatives, Such as reducing carbon emissions. Carbon offsets in agriculture will be captured and streamlined by AKOLogic to the MS Cloud for Sustainability. With the help of the platform, the existing farmers will be able to win an additional fee per Acres.

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