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Climate One-Liner

Change fossil fuels in agriculture to electricity from the grid.


AirGreen is the developer of AirMixAir, a technology that uses different geometrical air-outlet designs for air conditioner grills in order to create the desired pattern and amount of turbulence. The core technology helps reduce the discomfort often created by traditional directional air outlets and lower electricity use/
The company has been researching and developing combined outlets to alleviate the draft problem in cars, heavy-duty trucks, enclosed vehicle cabins, farm equipment, and off-road machinery.
AirGreen also invents and markets green solutions for saving and recycling in a variety of other areas, including reduced pesticide spraying and sludge drying. In addition, the company develops, promotes, and markets registered patents for agriculture lower use of energy including a system to power all farm machines by electric grid as a remote controlled or automatic system and use of less chemicals and environmental conservation.

Big Picture

Climate Impact

Climate Challenges

Sustainable Mobility & Transport
Low Carbon Buildings
Climate Smart Agriculture

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