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Climate One-Liner

Agwa provides year-round in-home, healthy produce at peak nutrient values with no chemicals or pesticides and eliminates  horticulture processing, packaging, and logistics.


AGWA has developed a first of its kind vegetable-growing home appliance called AgwaGarden. This is the first real step towards making indoor produce growing a common part of every household.

The novelty in AgwaGarden is that the device actually monitors and remotely controls every aspect that’s relevant to growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, and bulbs, making the device long-term consistent and extremely efficient. AgwaGarden is not another indoor gardening kit, it is a home appliance that fully provides a family’s greens, herbs and more, totally chemically free and at a cost that’s 50% or less, off retail prices. Enclosed please find a short deck describing how we do it.

Agwa already has a few dozen units up and running at our initial customer’s homes with great success, and we have just commenced our initial commercial stage, already facing hundreds of prospective customers on our waiting list.

Big Picture

Climate Impact

Climate Challenges

Climate Smart Agriculture
Food Loss & Waste

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First Paying Customer to Multiple Customers

Product Stage:

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* Information on the climate impact of the startup's technology

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