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Climate One-Liner

Agmatix's Digital Crop Advisor optimizes crop nutritional plans to increase yields whilst minimizing detrimental environmental effects.


Agmatix is an agro informatics company that develops data-driven solutions for the agriculture industry. Our data-driven Ag solutions standardize agronomic data and provide actionable insights for Ag professionals and growers. Their unique technology uses agronomy data science to improve crop yield and promote sustainable agriculture. Their revolutionary approach solves the lack of data standardization and harmonization and brings advanced AI technology to Ag professionals worldwide. Agmatix's agro informatics platform brings Ag professionals together and allows them to collaborate on research in order to improve agricultural practices.

Big Picture

Climate Impact

Climate Challenges

Climate Smart Agriculture
Soil Health

Funding Stage:


First Paying Customer to Multiple Customers

Product Stage:

Connect & Request Climate Data

* Information on the climate impact of the startup's technology

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