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Nature Tech

3-part webinar series exploring the crucial link between the state of nature and climate, scaling Nature-based Solutions (NbS), providing frameworks and tools for benefit identification, delving into financing and implementation strategies, and guiding the integration of natural capital into corporate sustainability approaches.

Webinar  #1

Scaling Nature based Solutions with Tech

In this webinar, we learn from Lucy Almond, Director of Nature4Climate and three pioneering nature tech startups to delve into the integral intersection of nature and technology.

The session also delves into PLANETech's Nature Tech Startup Competition, offering a unique opportunity to compete for $2M in investments, fully funded pilots valued at $50K, strategic partnerships, and mentorships from experts in Nature-based Technologies.


  • Lucy Almond, Director of Nature4Climate.

  • Stefanie Kaiser, Head of Nature-based Solutions and Carbon Markets at NatureMetrics, a nature performance monitoring subscription service, powered by eDNA technology.

  • Cameron Jones, Co-Founder and COO of Flash Forest, an aerial reforestation company that uses a data-driven, biodiversity-centric approach to rebuild healthy resilient forests at scale.

  • Patrick Mellor, Co-Founder and CTO at Living Carbon, a biotechnology company genetically engineer ecosystems to absorb greater amounts of carbon.

More to come...

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