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UBQ Materials

UBQ Materials

Climate One-Liner


Big Picture

Plastic resins have detrimental environmental and climate impacts at the extremes of their value chain. They are sourced from fossil fuels and do not decompose without chemical or mechanical treatment. The challenge for plastics is to create resins from sustainable sources and ensure their ability to take part with ease, in circular, closed loop cycles.

Climate Impact

Using a patented conversion process, UBQ Materials turns landfill-destined unsorted municipal solid waste, including all organics, into UBQ™, a climate-positive, cost-competitive, and fully recyclable raw material. By diverting landfill-destined waste and avoiding its related emissions, UBQ™ prevents more greenhouse gases than it creates. The carbon positive drop-in raw material substitutes oil-based resins in existing manufacturing processes, reducing the carbon footprint of end-products in a wide variety of industries and applications and providing a circular solution for waste whilst protecting finite natural resources.

Climate Challenges

Novel Materials

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