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Climate One-Liner


Big Picture

Businesses and governments are faced with weather and climate-related challenges and risks that are costly and disruptive both financially and socially. These encompass physical damages to material and agricultural assets, time losses, environmental degradation as well as human morbidity and mortality. As climate change is changing weather patterns and affecting the intensity of extreme weather events, better prediction and decision support tools are needed more than ever.

Climate Impact is powering actionable weather insights around the world. Their mission is to equip humanity with the most accurate and comprehensive weather intelligence needed to adapt and thrive in an era of climate crisis. Their AI-powered weather and climate intelligence software automates operational decisions and action plans based on how historic, real-time, and future weather will impact businesses.

Climate Challenges

Transparent & Agile Supply Chains
Extreme Weather Events
Earth Observations

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Late Stage Growth

Product Stage:

Connect & Request Climate Data

* Information on the climate impact of the startup's technology

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