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Climate One-Liner

SeeTree encourages efficient use of natural resources such as water and soil, and promotes sustainable farming practices in regards to tree & soil health, carbon sequestration, and carbon offsetting.


SeeTree is an AI-powered agri-tech company. The company develops a farming intelligence platform for permanent crops. SeeTree collects ultra-high-resolution images captured by drones and multi-spectral sensors, trees, and soil samples and analyzes the data through the platform's machine-learning algorithms. The tree-centric unique approach supports farmers in improving their farming practices, enhancing farming efficiency, tree & soil health and fruit production.
The company operates in the US, South America, South Africa, and Europe. It monitors over 50 million trees around the world, which is expected to grow to 1 billion trees by 2023.

Big Picture

Climate Impact

Climate Challenges

Climate Smart Agriculture
Forests & Land Ecosystems
Earth Observations

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* Information on the climate impact of the startup's technology

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