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Challenge Areas.


Where we live

Built Environment

Making our buildings and infrastructure carbon free and resilient.

Optimizing energy infrastructure by smart management and renewable sources


Improving construction processes and reducing buildings carbon footprint

Accelerating sustainable mobility solutions and infrastructure in urban and rural areas

Built Environment
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Things we make


Transferring to circular material flows and sustainable manufacturing systems.

Transitioning to manufacturing sustainable materials with circular material flows


Utilizing waste as a resource and improving waste management in municipalities and industries


Capturing and storing atmospheric Carbon with efficient and affordable systems

How we impact our land

Land use

Shifting to climate-smart agriculture and improved food systems.

Implementing regenerative agriculture practices using innovative technologies


Switching to alternative proteins that use less land and resources


Reducing food waste by improving food supply chains and systems

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Land use
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What we need to revive


Accelerating innovation in forests, oceans, and other ecosystems.

Preventing wildfires and supporting forests restoration with technology


Managing our oceans and water resources using a holistic approach


Predicting weather patterns, air pollution and extreme weather disasters

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